Arenal Volcano Tour

Positioned within Costa Rica’s fertile northern lowlands. The Arenal Volcano Tour is an unavoidable experience while traveling within this part of the country. It is tall and imposing and has a reputation that precedes itself. Arenal perfectly symmetrical shape makes it a sightseer’s dream, while its abundance of outdoor activities makes it an easy place to check things off your “must-do in Costa Rica” list.

Probably we don’t need to tell you about the amazing landscape that you’ll have at this tour or why this is a “must do”. Because Arenal Volcano is already very famous worldwide,  and once you get there you’ll easily see why.

In addition of the the beautiful landscaping and  great habitat of the Arenal Tour Rainforest, the area is also rich in wildlife. Resident birds species, like: trogons, rufous, motmots, fruitcrows and lancebills. While commonly sighted mammals such as howler monkeys, white-faced capuchins and surprisingly tame coatis.

Sadly and fortunately, this place has so many things to offer! Why sadly? Because the day is not long enough to cover everything. However, for this reason, for the Arenal Volcano and Rainforest Tour, we create 4 options with what we consider the best combinations. And you can choose the one that fit better with you preferences.

Packets to choose:

1- Hiking on Rain Forest for 2 Hours, Hanging Bridges and Hot Springs.
2- Nature Walk in a Biological Reserve called Danaus (a great place to see wildlife) and Hot Springs.
3- Land Hiking on Rain Forest for 2 hours and Hot Springs.
4- Sky Adventures (Sky Walk on the Rain Forest with Hanging Bridges, Sky Tram and Sky Trek) and Hot Springs.

*For this tour is much better if we make the pickup little more early because the place is located around 3 hours and 30 minutes driving and if we do early we can have more chance for enjoy more the day, in this case we can do the pickup at 6:15am and this option include breakfast, but if you want to take the tour little more late and get dinner for the tour we can do the pick up time at 7:15am. 

Price includes:

  • Round Trip Private Transportation, Bilingual Tour Guide and Drinks.
  • Entrance Fee to the Activities and Hot Springs.
  • Breakfast and Lunch or Lunch and Dinner.

What to Bring:

  •  Copy of your Passport, Comfortable and Extra Clothes.
  • Raincoat, Tennis Shoes and Mosquito Repellent.
  • Sunscreen, Swimming Suit and Camera.

Duration: Full day tour, from 6:15 am to 6:00pm approximately.